Eli is a Designer, Creative Director, and Visual Anthropologist originally from the northwestern 
part of South America (Muisca Land/Bogotá, Colombia/2,600m), currently residing in (Tongva Land/Los Angeles, California/93m). Guided by 
her profound interest in design, writing, cinema, nature, and technology, she explores the deconstruction of language, both poetically 
and practically, through the mediums of traditional 
print media and new media art.   

Currently, her research intertwines with the 
intricate relationship between humans/non-humans and nature, emphasizing the interconnectivity 
of all life forms. She aspires to spark conversations through the convergence of disciplines, challenge perspectives, and contribute to a more conscious 
and harmonious coexistence on this planet.      

She is a human being , an avid runner, and a melophile . She leads and is the creative 
director of struō studio.